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The orientalist painters

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The following pages are devoted to orientalist painting and orientalist painters who have described the Islamic Orient (Maghreb, Middle East)
from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.



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462 paintings
(updated : 15th August 2013)

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The Narbonne Museum

The Salies Museum,

The "Musée des Années 30",

The Pera Museum, Istanbul

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Index of orientalist painters
and painters having produced orientalist works
(1384 painters)


* Orientalism in painting:
some explanations

Historical context

Characteristics of orientalist painting


19th century French art institutions


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Recent issues :

Aude de TOCQUEVILLE, préface de Yasmina Khadra, Georges Gasté, traquer le soleil dans l'ombre, 1869-1910, Paris, Éditions Arthaud, 2013.

Aude de TOCQUEVILLE, Georges Gasté, un orient d'ombre et de lumière, 1869-1910, cat. expo. (Musée du Montparnasse, 1 mars 2013 - 31 mai 2013), Paris, Éditions du musée du Montparnasse, 2013.

Public exhibition of orientalist paintings before auction :

Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th and Monday 9th December 2013 11:00-18:00 ; Tuesday 10th December 2013 11:00-12:00
(Sale on 9th and 10th December) - Etude Gros & Delettrez
Hôtel Drouot room 1, 7 & 9 - 9 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris


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French Painters in Morocco, 1912-1939 : Marlène Lespes, Phd student in Art History (Université Toulouse II Le Mirail), is interested in every information, document, picture about these artists for her PhD research.



Holders of orientalist art/documents, as well as families and descendants of orientalist painters are welcome to provide information they would like to share on the subject
please contact us



Do you have works of any of the following painters (or original information)?

Fausto Zonaro: Cesare Trevigne, his great-grandson, is indexing his grandfather's works. or his website.

Geneviève Barrier : Malika Demnati, the artist's granddaughter, is searching all informations, pictures about that artist.

Léon Comerre: Béatrice Durand is preparing the catalogue raisonné.

Alexis & Eugène Delahogue : Marie-Josée Petitsigne, librarian, is searching any information or document on their training, studies, art reviews, to write a biography of these two artists

Marguerite Delorme : Astrid Mallick, Art Historian at the Musée Lorrain of Nancy, ris searching any information or document on that artist, to write an article. Please contact her on the blog :

Edouard Doigneau: Marie Laurent is preparing the catalogue raisonné.

Francis Harburger: The artist's daughter, Sylvie Harburger, is preparing the catalogue raisonné. Please contact her or the website devoted to the artist.

Louis-Anselme Longa: Michel Guérin, Director of the Landes' Departmental Commission of Sacred Art (France), is searching all informations, pictures about that artist.

Leonardo de Mango: Erol Makzume is preparing the catalogue raisonné.

Max Moreau : Mr. Lapalus, author of the biographical notice in the Bénézit Dictionnary about Moreau, is searching all informations, pictures about the artist for his work on the catalogue raisonné

Marcel Vicaire : Isabelle Crouigneau-Vicaire, the artist's daughter, is searching all informations, pictures about that artist. or the blog.


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